Ok here is my question and I hope someone can help me out. There is a local anonymous political message ***rd that has become a very active ***rd in my area due to some touchy political issues. There have been some very derrogatory things posted. I myself have posted on this site but only factual and accurate information. I add a little parody from time to time but what the heck...In any event I suspected that the sight was being monitored because suddenly one "side" seemed to stop posting. I posted a message that said "I think something is up with this site be careful what you say"...people balked but that night I recieved an email with an attached screen saver. The email said "SOMETHING IS UP FOOL" I scanned the attachement and opened it. It gave a download option which I tried but nothing happened. I destryoed it using a wiping tool...when I tried to respond to the message the mail was returned invalid. The problem is I never, ever used my email address on this site and no one their knows my private email address. How can someone locate your private email from supposed anonymous posting on the message ***rd? I contacted the forum administrator who denied giving any such information.I then contacted my ISP provider who informed me that no court orders had been issued on my IP numbers. SO WHO THE HELL CAN FIND ME AND HOW THE HELL DO I FIND THEM?