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Thread: A little help please

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    A little help please

    Hello, I need some help about a keylogger problem, if someone knows what to do please help me out, been stuck for weeks...

    So here it is, ive bought Spytector keylogger and i want to know if there is any way i can combine the keylogger with another file. I want to send this file as a photo or/if possible in a movie. I also bought [url][/url]. Its a good program but the thing is when i use it to combine my keylogger with a screenshot norton antivirus detects it (The file joiner) but my keylogger isnt detectible at all. Ive tried to combine the keylogger with a movie but its not working either. Please help me out, if you know any other way to come around this problem. Maybe you know some other good programs.

    Best Regards, Avo

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    contact file-joiner support

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