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Thread: VPN connection for a mobile user that travel to a client site

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    VPN connection for a mobile user that travel to a client site


    I am looking to configure TheGreenBow VPN client (installed on his laptop) for a user that travels form one client site to another client site and he is using has his laptop (XP SP*) .

    Would the user be able to connect to his office via VPN from any of those clients sites ( they have broadband connection) if he used his laptop ?

    As you know I am not allowed to touch clients’ routers to configure necessary port forwarding for to the user’s laptop


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    jolies2 Guest
    I am running a v.2.* OpenVPN server on a remote WinXp machine, with a address. I have successfully connected to the remote machine via Vicousity and Shimo clients for OSx. I can browse the Samba shares on the remote server, save, delete, rename, etc. as expected, but lose local and internet access while connected. Although, other machines locally can still browse and see my local machine while I am VPN'ed into the remote server.

    I appear to get a clean connection to the remote machine without any errors.

    I understand from reading the forums this is a split tunneling issue, but have been unsuccessful in getting a VPN connection and a local and general internet connection to work simultaneously. My local machine has (*) NIC.
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    kajal Guest


    My second question the private ip address for the user's office (work) is **2.*68.0.0/24 (means his work server ip is **2.*68.0.50 and his Desktop PC ip is **2.*68.0.*0,,,,,,etc) and his gateway (router ip is **2.*68.0.*) at work configured for VPN IPSec and the router has been configured to assign a private ip address to the laptop's VPN client (TheGreenBow) of *72.*7.0.2*/*6.

    What if the client's site where the user travels has the same private ip address as the user's office ?

    Now when the user connected via VPN to his office and if he pings **2.*68.0.50 (his server at work) this ip might same address to one of a desktop at client's site !!!!
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