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Thread: XSS help?

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    XSS help?

    Okay i am new, And am sure i have this in the wrong thread

    But basically i need help with XSS
    I know the basics of XSS, and i have a test website which is vulnerable to these XSS attacks

    I want to access my admin account, Using cookies

    I have a cookie catcher, And thats it, I know i need the admin to view something With the Cookie copier in it

    But basically, If its not asking to much, I need a step by step guide, On the codes to put into the forum, were to host the cookie catcher, how to get admin cookies, How to use them, What to do once i got the cookies, Everything i need to know to gain access to admin account via XSS cookie's

    thank you so much guys

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    You probably want a site like this.
    Just word your questions so it doesn't appear to be compromising a site. Something like "I want to test my site against XSS attacks....

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