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Thread: 800b0*00 error code XP error instalation?

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    Angry 800b0*00 error code XP error instalation?


    I have a XP Professional copy, P4 Prescott at 2.8 Ghz with Sp*. I downloaded and instaled.
    I installed also the SP2 for two weeks.
    I got the MSblast window ("you computer will be shout down ...etc) and i erased all
    svchost.exe registry entry. My system crashed and i entered my XP professional SP* included
    and i tried to reinstall the OS.
    Here is the error messages:

    " Setup failed to install the product catalogs. This is a fatal error. Error code is 426"
    " The signature of Windows XP SP* Professional is invalid. The error code is 800b0*00"

    I tried all the trick described in here and no result. The system make the same infinite loop.
    The CD-ROm is the first boot option also i tried the "catroot2 to catold" trick.
    I forgot to mention that i do not want to loose the OS, because all my registered programs and
    all my work is there. Also i have the legit XP SP* copy with license.

    Please help!

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    Re: 800b0*00 error code XP error instalation?

    well you might try to boot of a CD with linux OS on it and see what you can change from there

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    i do not know what to change

    Thanks for your reply.

    I do not know what to change. I just want my OS back, still infected with welchia. It was innofensive.

    Please someone help.

    Thanks in advance

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    error message during installation

    i am having the same problem i have used two completly different copys of xp pro both have been working properlt before, but i get the same error each time it just gets stuck at installing windows ** mins remaining i would be interested if any one has an idea because i have tryed everything!



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    Same problem, too!
    I think it is because I disabled some services and/or changed some security settings.
    Have you done something like this?

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    Try this:

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    Thumbs up

    Originally posted by Unregistered
    Try this:
    It's working!
    BTW, I had to wait ~*0 minutes at "** minutes left", but then setup resumed (and finished).

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    What have you done?


    What have you done exactly that the setup resumes? What have you changed?


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    You could always reformat and preform a celan install, it adds *0 minutes, but without it you have xtra junk on your computer that you must reinstall and programs you cant reinstall (lost the disk) then you have to manually delete. Just use a free reformatter, and then install.

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    Cool fatal error

    I have encountered the same problem. please advise exactly what you did or did not do while you waited the */2 hour for the restart.

    It would greatly be appreciated.


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    My solution

    I had the same problem today, and after finding nothing from searching the web, i found a soulution to the problem myself. The link from microsoft didn't work for me. I had a situatuon where the mother***rd was fried by a lightning stirike, so it had to be replaced. Offcourse, i had to repair my windows installation, but i didn't know which version of XP pro was installed, and neither did the owner. I tried repairing with a cd that had SP2 integrated, and ran into this problem. So, booted from SP* cd, and restarted the repair process, and the problem was gone. So, it was just a different service pack that caused the problem in my case. Hope this helps

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    i think its because of the change of operating system or service pack the logs are saved on your hard drive soi you need to format

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    Blacksheep, Dodo05* has been waiting a year and a half for that answer.

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    its done

    i was having same kind of problem for past few days and now its solved with your advices and s***estions it took me about 25 minutes to do it ...thats nice i think thnx for help

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    It's wonderful that a 5-6 year old thread helped.

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