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Thread: another msn problem

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    Question another msn problem

    my friend is sometimes automatically logged on to msn, even when she isn't there. It doesn't even happen on her computer. Is there any way to stop it or to find out what computer she is being logged on on?

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    It sounds like..

    At some stage your friend logged into MSN on another computer (maybe at work, or at a friends house). Its quite possible that her Microsoft Passport ( or is associated with the the default Windows account of the machine where she's logged in before.

    As far as *****ing down the machine. Either she's going to need to think carefully of all the machines that shes logged in on (and tell her friends to lookout for it!) and then in MSN Messenger options tell msn not to sign in automatically on startup.. Or she could possibly get a new account and then add her old account to that new account, then when it next signs in, send a message. If there is a person at the other end on the computer thats logging in on (and they are not malicious) hopefully they will reply saying "oh hey there friend, yeah your msn keeps logging in from this computer, ive got no idea how to stop it from happening."

    I hope you solve your problem

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    oleg Guest

    start page

    Please how can I change start page of internetexplorer
    I have got a start page somewhere and can not get rid from it


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    JIM Guest
    What to do is go to TOOLS along the top of the browser.
    Then click on Internet Options and then General and you will see the page your homepage is set to.
    All you have to do is put your own in or set it to default if you had already named one.
    I think what's happened is your browser has been hijacked by Spyware so the best thing you could do is run SPYBOT Search & Destroy to get rid of the Spyware.


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    Great tips for this type of thing can be found here.

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