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Thread: HELP please mcafee internet security picked up ardamax or havei : uomm.exe

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    HELP please mcafee internet security picked up ardamax or havei : uomm.exe

    MCAFEE it says that it is NOT a virus/trojan but a keylogger and MUST be installed. no way anyone has used my home computer. so its either CIA or a ghost. can anyone confirm an alternative scenario. the file it picks up is located at

    uomm.exe was picked up by security task manager and does not seem to be found on the web ANYWHERE. cue CIA customised keylogger har!

    seriously although mcaffe says its ardamax keylogger when browsing for ranual removal instructions this file does not appear in any antivirus archives so its either another keylogger or a false positive

    can anyone help/ either through same experience or offer me any way to check the file

    cheers in advance

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    Hi bubbles, they wouldn't help you at majorgeeks, but we will help you here. Ardamax keylogger is a remote install keylogger, all that has to be done is double click it and it installs. Look for the remover here. [url][/url]
    Now get a good security suite like Kaspersky and you won't have to worry about it again.

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    HELP please mcafee internet security picked up ardamax or havei : uomm.exe

    I didnít experience this error but I can tell that your computer might be infected by some malicious viruses but your antivirus fails to detect it. Sometime due to our mistake we install keylogger and later on repent over it. But you need not to worry with few security tips and a powerful Anti-Spyware Software is enough to protect your computer.

    Fro more information you can visit:

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    Talking solution to your virus problems

    *) have a clean copy of windows or backup once a month.

    2) have a decent antivirus

    *) burn an iso image of irens boot cd and run suspicious files in mini - win xp

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