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Thread: Eblaster Purchase and Assistance

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    Eblaster Purchase and Assistance

    Ok, to preface this convoluted email I have really tried ot understand the binding process and can't for the life of me. I tend to think I have a least average intelligence and I speak 2 languages and this isn't one I can learn! I have read the posts and tried but have had no success. And, I didn't see anything about this kind of post being off limits so I apologise in advance if it is there and I missed it.

    Also, I will try to stay in the 22% intelligence level - not promising anything...

    OK, I am out of my league here with all of this techy language and I need help please!!

    Because I can't for the life of me understand how to do this myself I would like to offer to make a donation via paypal towards this website for the time it may entail.

    I bought a license from SpectorSoft for Eblaster and a remote installation to use on one of my computers a remote employee is using. (And, y es, the disclaimers about privacy was in his new hire paperwork!)

    My emails I sent to him with the exe attachment have not been successful.

    So my question, would it be possible to make a donation in return for someone binding, for me, the eblaster into a doc, xls, pdf or whatever one uses so that the file executes itself without the end user, employee, seeing that I have sent an exe.

    I can forward the eblaster programme. I downloaded.

    If not, can you please advise on someone that I can contact.

    Many thanks in advance!!!!!!!

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    You can't bind or hide an exe file like eblaster into another file type and have it work. You can bind an exe file with a another file type and the resulting exe file will work, buit it must be exe. MyPic.exe will work. MyPic.jpg will not work. If you binded eblaster with a jpg for example, the pic would show and eblaster would run. Your intended target is too smart to run an exe. Nothing you can do.
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    Gordo, thank you very much for your help!!

    I have read numerous responses of yours and you are always concise and helpful!!!

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    eBlaster is the most dependable, full-featured remote surveillance product available from the worldwide leader in Internet monitoring software. Robust and secure for the most demanding businesses, yet easy for even computer novices to install and use effectively, eBlaster provides both Instant Notification Email and Chat Alerts with Comprehensive Hourly and Daily Activity
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