Ok, to preface this convoluted email I have really tried ot understand the binding process and can't for the life of me. I tend to think I have a least average intelligence and I speak 2 languages and this isn't one I can learn! I have read the posts and tried but have had no success. And, I didn't see anything about this kind of post being off limits so I apologise in advance if it is there and I missed it.

Also, I will try to stay in the 22% intelligence level - not promising anything...

OK, I am out of my league here with all of this techy language and I need help please!!

Because I can't for the life of me understand how to do this myself I would like to offer to make a donation via paypal towards this website for the time it may entail.

I bought a license from SpectorSoft for Eblaster and a remote installation to use on one of my computers a remote employee is using. (And, y es, the disclaimers about privacy was in his new hire paperwork!)

My emails I sent to him with the exe attachment have not been successful.

So my question, would it be possible to make a donation in return for someone binding, for me, the eblaster into a doc, xls, pdf or whatever one uses so that the file executes itself without the end user, employee, seeing that I have sent an exe.

I can forward the eblaster programme. I downloaded.

If not, can you please advise on someone that I can contact.

Many thanks in advance!!!!!!!