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Thread: Any monthly web hosting companies?

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    Wink webhost with monthly billing cycle

    Quote Originally Posted by fpals View Post
    First, I am looking for a host that charges monthly. I don't want to pay in advance and get stuck with a provider.

    Found chime host - [url][/url] but I can't seem to find many sites reviewing them. I see justhost on pretty much every review site i visit but they require advance payment for the low price.

    so what you guys think?

    hey fpals you can see this webhost offering simple monthly payments at::


    including unlimited diskspace,bandwidth,sql etc...

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    hey! i use ix webhosting. check out their offer. they charge monthly as well and they offer [URL=""]shared hosting[/URL] as well as VSP hosting, get your own piece of the cloud

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    iPage is one of the top *0 best web hosting. It comes with a monthly payment of $*.**. Much cheaper than the others. Just try it. Or look for other web hosting companies on Google. Might give you an answer.

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