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Thread: What are the best free keylogger ?

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    What are the best free keylogger ?


    Are there any good free keylogger or even shareware ?

    I will not need to send it by email or anything, because I planning to install it on my girlfriend's computer who I feeling is cheating on me & want to be sure about it.


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    I haven't tried this one. [url][/url] but it looks promising
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    BFK is a free keylogger software with features that is similar to most popular keyloggers on the net like ghost keylogger but it is free.
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    Pro Data Doctor KeyLogger Software allows you to find out what other users do on your computer in your absence. Key logger invisibly records keystrokes of every user activity performed on the computer in encrypted log files with option to send the details at specified email id. Best PC monitoring tool automatically records all typed emails conversations, chat records, website visited, password and documents lists. This surveillance tool is extremely easy to use for home and office users.
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