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Thread: block or record MSN/AIM conversations

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    block or record MSN/AIM conversations

    Do you know any good software to block msn or other chat tools,many employees have wasted many time to chatting with other people during the working time

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    *.) Use Group Policy Manager to prevent users from installing their own software. (If running Windows 7 Enterprise/Ultimate, use AppLocker to block portable applications--ones that run without having to be installed--as well.) Make all installations an IT decision.

    2.) Configure the company routers to block communication on traditional IM ports, including TCP/5050 (Yahoo), TCP/5** (AOL), UDP/5** (AOL), TCP/*86* (MSN), TCP/5**0 (AOL/***), TCP/*50* (Windows Live), UDP/*50* (Windows Live), and TCP/68**-6*0* (Windows Live).

    *.) Configure the company router(s) to block web-based IM services and other undesirable websites. (Potentially blogs, free email accounts, etc.)

    4.) Implement a new company policy, then start checking server logs and wandering around the office. Those that ignore the warnings should face the consequences.

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    Here are some smart [URL=""]msn spy [/URL]software can block or record msn/aim conversations. BTY,it's not a wise choic to block some chatting tools!You have to find another better way to solution question.

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