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Spyware Eliminator 2.04

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    From: C Point Pty Ltd

    Protect your privacy, data and confidential information with Spyware Eliminator.Quickly find and eliminate all traces of harmful programs: spyware, adware, data-mining scum-ware, key-loggers, trojans, premium number dialers, browser hijackers...

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German review

Spyware Eliminator is a smart tool that scans your computer for spyware, adware, trojans, key-loggers, worms, and other malicious software and removes it.

There are many ways for spyware to infect your computer. As you surf on the internet, some websites may probe your system for vulnerabilities. If they find a way to install a spyware program, or a tracking cookie, they use it. Thus your surfing becomes no more anonymous. Furthermore, this may be potentially dangerous to the personal data that you enter on other pages.

Some sites may try to fool the user by throwing fake system messages that look pretty much like real ones. As you agree to perform some action (for example, to check your system for security threats), a malicious program is installed on your computer. Sometimes the messages are made up so cleverly that even a professional has a hard time recognizing them for what they really are.

As you connect to the internet, hackers or automatic software may eventually discover your computer and probe its defenses. If there's some security issue, they will immediately use it to gain some access to your system. For example, this is a common way for the distribution of worms.

Yet another way of sneaking up on a computer is very often used by adware. You download a program that claims to be free. As it installs itself, it also installs an adware module. Later you find out that the program isn't what you want and uninstall it, but the adware module may remain there. It runs hidden, doesn't show up in the "Add/remove software" list, but it does show you ads or redirects your browser to pages that you didn't want to visit.

The damage done by spyware (and we use the term for all kinds of malicious software) can be different. "Pure" adware slows down your computer and sometimes makes it unstable. Besides you get annoying pop up windows with all kinds of commercials. Premium number dialers disconnect you from the internet and call extremely expensive providers instead (you won't notice anything until the bill comes at the end of the month). Key-loggers capture everything you type, including your passwords, and reveal it to some person that will somehow make use of the information. Your homepage is hijacked. Your credit card information may be stolen and used elsewhere. Your browser becomes overloaded with strange toolbars that you don't need. Your internet traffic grows considerably.

Don't wait for all this to happen. Remove all spyware and protect your computer with Spyware Eliminator.

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