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Best Recent Downloads of Keylogger and AntiKeylogger


  • Screenshot of SpyMyPC PRO 5.5.92

    SpyMyPC PRO 5.5.92

    This keylogger logs all keystrokes, applications and Websites visited on a computer. You can receive reports via e-mail. An easy and cost-effective way to monitor your kid's or employee activities.

    License: Shareware, $49.95 to buy  Size: 1900 KB Free Download SpyMyPC PRO 5.5.92

  • Screenshot of System Keylogger 3.2.3

    System Keylogger 3.2.3

    Spy on your computer to know how they uses home PC or track employee work time activity and computer abuse. Monitor Internet usage. It's a ultimate all-in-one spy software the most powerful and completely hidden.

    License: Shareware, $59.99 to buy  Size: 3300 KB Free Download System Keylogger 3.2.3

  • Screenshot of Advanced Spy 5.1.9

    Advanced Spy 5.1.9

    Advanced Spy will help you to monitor and record all activities on your computer. Selected as the Editors` Choice by the experts at most downloads archives, Advanced Spy record all e-mail's sent and received, all AOL, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN chats and more..

    License: Shareware, $59.99 to buy  Size: 2300 KB Free Download Advanced Spy 5.1.9

  • Screenshot of Family Keylogger 4.12

    Family Keylogger 4.12

    Family Keylogger - this is the best choice, if you want to know what others are doing on your own computer while you are not at home. Family Keylogger - You have the right to Know!

    License: Shareware, $29 to buy  Size: 513 KB Free Download Family Keylogger 4.12

  • Screenshot of SpyMyPC 5.0.3

    SpyMyPC 5.0.3

    SpyMyPC Keylogger is a covert surveillance tool made for everybody! With this key logger you can receive their keystrokes, IM chats, websites, passwords by email. Covert remote surveillance - as easy as never before!

    License: Demo, $29.95 to buy  Size: 1075 KB Free Download SpyMyPC 5.0.3

  • Screenshot of PrivacyKeyboard 9.2

    PrivacyKeyboard 9.2

    PrivacyKeyboard is the first product of its kind in the world that can provide every computer with strong protection against ALL types of real spy programs and hardware keyloggers, both known and unknown. Makes data stealing impossible.

    License: Shareware, $89.94 to buy  Size: 4687 KB Free Download PrivacyKeyboard 9.2

  • Screenshot of BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger 1.68

    BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger 1.68

    Perfect Keylogger helps you to find out what they are doing on their PC. With this key logger you will receive their keytrokes, chats, websites, screenshots and passwords by email or FTP. Covert surveillance - as easy as never before!

    License: Shareware, $34.95 to buy  Size: 578 KB Free Download BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger 1.68

  • Screenshot of Local Keylogger Pro 3.6

    Local Keylogger Pro 3.6

    Local Keylogger Pro allows you to monitor all users' activity on any computers in real time and record each computer's usage history. Local Keylogger Pro makes it easy to view, in real time, the screenshots of the any computers, all typed keystrokes.

    License: Shareware, $69.94 to buy  Size: 2851 KB Free Download Local Keylogger Pro 3.6

  • Screenshot of Anti-keylogger 7.4.1

    Anti-keylogger 7.4.1

    Anti-keylogger™ is a dedicated anti-keylogging product. Unlike most other anti-spyware, Anti-keylogger™ can protect even against "custom-made" software keyloggers, which are extremely dangerous - and very popular with cybercriminals.

    License: Shareware, $59.95 to buy  Size: 3337 KB Free Download Anti-keylogger 7.4.1

  • Screenshot of Spy Lantern Keylogger 5.4

    Spy Lantern Keylogger 5.4

    Spy Lantern Keylogger is really invisible spy software to monitor all aspects of user activity. It allows you to see what exactly they are doing on your computer. It has very intuitive user interface and amazing easy-to-understand Reports Viewer.

    License: Shareware, $59.95 to buy  Size: 1414 KB Free Download Spy Lantern Keylogger 5.4

  • Screenshot of Email Spy Pro 5.1

    Email Spy Pro 5.1

    If you have concerns about the email activities of a child or spouse or want to monitor an employee's use of company or personal emails during business hours, Email Spy Pro automatically sends you a copy of all emails that was sent or received.

    License: Shareware, $59.95 to buy  Size: 1510 KB Free Download Email Spy Pro 5.1

  • Screenshot of Advanced Anti Keylogger 3.7

    Advanced Anti Keylogger 3.7

    Advanced Anti Keylogger is powerful but easy to use anti-spy software to prohibit operation of any keyloggers currently in use or presently being developed anywhere. Once installed our anti-spy software will protect your privacy immediately.

    License: Shareware, $59.95 to buy  Size: 783 KB Free Download Advanced Anti Keylogger 3.7