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Excel 2007 Password 1.0.243

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    From: LastBit Software

    Password recovery tool to crack Excel 2007 passwords to open. You pay only for the result. If the program fails to find the password, you pay nothing.

    License: Commercial, $49 to buy  Size: 1024 KB

    Our rating: 5 stars

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Excel 2007 Password is designed to recover forgotten passwords for Microsoft Excel 2007 documents.

Microsoft introduced new standards of data protection for encrypted documents in MS Office 2007. Earlier versions of MS Office documents were protected by a relatively simple 40-bit-key encryption, using the encryption algorithm RC4. MS Office 2007 introduces new formats, including the new format for Excel documents, XLSX. These new documents are protected with the help of the well-known encryption algorithm, AES, using a 128-bit key.

As you install the new MS Excel and open password-protected documents from previous editions, the program will automatically offer you to upgrade to the new format and will replace the old simple encryption with the newer and stronger one.

Consequently, recovery of Excel passwords is no easy task anymore. The only two methods that can be used are brute-force attack and dictionary search. However, the AES algorithm is pretty resistible to brute-force attacks, so even the most optimized password breaker will require much time. Of course, if you used a dictionary word, the program will find it instantly. But if your password is reasonably strong, no guarantees can be given. You may wait for months and still get nothing.

The trial version of Excel 2007 Password allows you find out if your password is recoverable in a reasonable time. Download the program and let it search for the lost password. It informs you at success, which means that the password has been found. To recover the password, you should register the program.

The above applies only to passwords for opening Excel 2007 documents. The rest of passwords (for modifying, worksheet passwords, workbook passwords) don't require that much effort and can be restored relatively easy.

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