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LastBit Zip Password Recovery 10.1.6805

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    Utility to decrypt password-protected pkzip/WinZip archives. Zip Password supports brute-force, smart-force attack and dictionary search. Zip Password features unprecedented search speed: up to 3,000,000,000 passwords per minute.

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Do you have a password protected zip-archive but can't remember the password anymore?

LastBit Zip Password Recovery is a full-featured password recovery tool for all types of ZIP archives. It can handle both usual password protected Zips and self-extracting Zips. While searching for the correct combination of letters, it reaches the amazing speed of 3,000,000,000 (three billions) passwords per minute (it's fifty million passwords per second). The program is able to work with any given compression mode and also reliably processes archives that contain only one encrypted file (with others unencrypted), which is where typical password crackers fail. Zip archives created by other (than WinZip) programs are also supported.

LastBit Zip Password Recovery features the following password recovery methods: Brute Force Attack (it's a basic method, the program will try all possible combinations of letters), Dictionary Search (tries entries from a dictionary), Smart Force Attack (is a smart combination of the two previous methods, smart force attack tries to guess the password by suggesting natural combinations of letters), Password Variation (is very helpful if you remember a part of your password), Known Plain Text Attack. The latter is one of the most interesting features. If you have a copy of a text file from the password protected archive in question, you can use it as a reference for the program. In this case, the program will be able to decrypt the entire archive within a few hours, even if the archive is protected by a very strong password.

WinZip 9.x started to use stronger protection with the help of AES encryption algorithm. This significantly reduces the speed of the brute force attack method. LastBit Zip Password Recovery will do its best, but the mathematical nature of AES algorithm doesn't allow much optimization. It is recommended to use a dictionary search for encrypted archives that were created by WinZip 9.x and higher.

A password search can be stopped any time and resumed later.

LastBit Zip Password Recovery offers the best tools to help you restore a forgotten zip password.

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