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LastBit ICQ Password Recovery 1.5.305

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    ICQ Password is a password recovery tool for ICQ. In a few clicks the program will display passwords for all ICQ users on the PC it was launched. No professional knowledge or experience is required.

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German review

ICQ is a well-known instant messenger and also a network for instant messaging. Almost everybody who uses the internet regularly has tried to use ICQ network at least once. Maybe with another client application. Maybe more than once.

The problem is that most people enter their password to ICQ account only once. Their client program (say, ICQ) remembers the password and uses it later to login to the ICQ network automatically.

But a bit later the user may find out that he or she doesn't remember the password anymore. And the password is needed to move to another computer, to install ICQ somewhere else, or whatever.

LastBit ICQ Password Recovery is a smart program that will quickly restore ICQ account password. However, it does so not by breaking the password. The program is useless for people that try to steal ICQ accounts.

LastBit ICQ Password Recovery simply decrypts the data that is used to login to the ICQ network. You don't remember your password anymore, but your ICQ application does! The information is stored on your hard drive, so the only problem is to get and decrypt it.

LastBit ICQ Password Recovery is designed for this sole purpose, so it does its job quickly and effectively. If there are several ICQ users on the computer, the program will recover passwords and other ICQ account information for all of them. The process of recovery is almost instant, no need to wait hours for your password. The program's interface is clear and intuitive. Just a few clicks - and you are in business again!

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