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CommTraffic 3.1

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    From: TamoSoft

    CommTraffic is a network utility for collecting, processing, and displaying traffic and network utilization statistics for computer network connections. In a LAN segment, CommTraffic shows traffic and network utilization statistics for each computer.

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CommTraffic is a flexible and user-friendly traffic counter. It can be used for both LAN and dial-up connections. The program gathers information about incoming and outgoing packets and displays network utilization statistics in the form that the user finds suitable. CommTraffic is able to distinguish between computers in a LAN segment and to display statistics for each computer separately.

If you use a limited time or limited traffic rate plan to connect your computer to the internet, CommTraffic will track connections and alert you on exceeding your limit. The program can be set to work with any possible rate plan, including those based on time of the day, time-limited, traffic volume-limited etc. Depending on your configuration, if your limit is approaching, CommTraffic will display a message accompanied by a sound. Thus you can always stay within your limit to avoid paying for expensive extra traffic, or simply start using your internet connection more carefully and re-schedule major downloads for the next month.

The program is capable of generating comprehensive reports on traffic volume and expenses, allowing the user to view statistics by local or remote TCP/UDP ports, by IP protocols, by hosts. The statistics can be shown both as graphics and in the numeric form.

Get this powerful and robust traffic meter and forget worrying about traffic volumes and about time that you spend in the internet!

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